Dura 500 is guaranteed not to chalk, crack or peel for a period of 15 years from the date of application, provided that the roof preparation and coating instructions are completed in accordance with our Specification Guideline. Superior Polymers Inc., accepts no responsibility for any applicators inability to detect and properly seal leaks. To ensure good adhesion and leak protection, proper cleaning, surface preparation and coating methods must be used, and these methods are the sole responsibility of the applicator. Applicators are responsible for all warranties pertaining to workmanship, surface preparation, structural roof repairs, installation of Dura 500, and any subsequent inspection and maintenance programs. Ponding water issues must be corrected in accordance with good roofing practices. If the coating does not perform as stated during the guarantee period, Superior Polymers Inc. will provide the original purchaser with replacement coating to repair the affected part of the coating. Failures due to acts of God, fire, structural defects, mechanical damage, intentional or accidental, are excluded from this guarantee. Superior Polymers Inc. is not responsible for any labor, property or other consequential damages or costs incurred in the original or any replacement application. Except as stated above, we make no warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, and none should be inferred.